Coronavirus Prevention Update

Preventing Dental Emergencies Amidst the Coronavirus  (COVID- 19) Chaos

COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Dental Emergencies Alert Notice

New strategies My Family Dental are taking with COVID-19 Infection Prevention, and to help prevent dental emergencies across the local community.

We would like all of our patients to know that we are here to provide support and guidance with your dental needs during the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a growing concern that minor dental issues may develop into more complex emergency treatments as patients sit on the fence about attending their dental appointment, and delay important treatment.

My Family Dental teams have taken strict safety measures to prevent the risk of COVID-19 infection, and with these precautions, including maximum infection control protocols, we can remain available to attend our patients’ dental needs, and help prevent otherwise avoidable dental emergencies.

More information and details about our new COVID-19 infection control policies can be found in our Patient Alert Notices at COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Dental Emergencies Alert Notice, which will be updated as the coronavirus situation continues to develop. It is important to contact your dentist to discuss any concerns you have about attending your regular dental appointments, and allow us to prioritise your needs.

To find out how we can support your dental needs further, please contact our friendly staff from any of our My Family Dental teams across Queensland:

Tropical Coast Dental, Innisfail (07) 4061 8110
My Family Dental Ingham (07) 4776 6055
My Family Dental Townsville (07) 4735 8500
My Family Dental Bowen (B. Doran) (07) 4786 1092
Care Dental Emerald (07) 4982 2025

Coronavirus Information

Contact your GP immediately if you feel you may be at risk of infection or have suspected you have been in contact with someone suspected of having coronavirus infection.

The Department of Health has created the following online COVID-19 symptom questionnaire for those who are showing signs of illness.

More information can be found at:

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