How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign is becoming a more popular choice to resolve biting and alignment issues. This is because the nature of the clear aligners not only resolves these issues, but it straightens your teeth in the process, delivering a brand new look to your smile.

However, how long does Invisalign take? Naturally, everybody wants fast results for all kinds of treatments. Every smile is different, and it is important to point out that Invisalign treatment isn’t a one-fit-for-all service. 

So, let’s take a look at the factors which answers the question; how long does Invisalign take?

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is the process of wearing your aligner trays to worn for 22 hours per day, where they can only be removed when you need to eat or brush your teeth. The dentist takes an impression of your smile through special 3D technology so that the trays can be moulded to fit inside your mouth. 

What Things Impacts The Treatment Time?

The amount of time you see results with Invisalign depends on the type of treatment you need. You’ll likely need Invisalign treatment to correct the following:

  • Overbite – The upper teeth overlap your lower teeth
  • Underbite – the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth
  • Gap – Large spaces in between your teeth
  • Crowding – Teeth have become crowded one behind the other

The severity of any of these issues will impact how long it takes to see results and how long the treatment plan is. Invisalign is designed to treat mild to moderate issues, but if the issues are more severe, you’ll be required to wear the aligners for another few months on top of the general treatment time.

Age also impacts how long it takes to see results. For example, when you’re younger, it’s easier for your teeth to realign. 

What Is The Treatment Time For Invisalign?

On average, Invisalign treatment often ranges between 12 to 18 months. However, if you’re treating minor issues, it can take as little as 4 months.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Naturally, you’ll want to understand the cost factors of Invisalign. Invisalign is more expensive compared to traditional braces, but the factors that impact the overall cost are:

  • The severity of the problem
  • The number of aligners you’ll need
  • The level of adjustment needed
  • Whether private health insurance covers the cost
  • The location of treatment

Typically, Invisalign treatment costs range from $4000. The dentist will be able to provide you with a fixed cost depending on the treatment plan. 

The cost will be impacted by the number of aligners you’ll need as well. Here is an estimate breakdown:

  • Up to 7 Aligners = $4100
  • Between 8 and 14 aligners = $6500 
  • Between 15 and 39 aligners = $7300
  • More than 40+ aligners = $7500

If you’re seeking Invisalign treatment today,  or you want to know more about how long does Invisalign take, consult your dentist to begin your smile transformation today!

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