How To Get Natural Looking Dentures?

The life-changing appearance you’ve been looking for has arrived with dentures. Dentures are false teeth designed to replace multiple missing teeth. Like any cosmetic treatment, they should look natural. There’s a lot of discussion around whether dentures are the most natural form of restorative treatment, but modern dentistry has uncovered other restorative treatments which resemble a natural look and feel, such as dental implants.

So, can you get natural-looking dentures? The answer is yes, but whilst dentures are known as fake teeth, the way they’re modelled and fitted today can restore a natural-looking smile.

Before the modern ‘boom’ of dentistry, many patients could recall how fake dentures could impact self-confidence because of how flat the fake teeth used to look. The prosthetic solutions were easy to identify to go with their lack of attractiveness and unreliability to support the mouth. Dentures back in the day were made with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) to produce the base and the teeth, but it was easy to identify which were natural and which were fake.

The term ‘beautiful smile’ was non-existent. 

How Dentistry Has Changed To Deliver Natural Looking Dentures

Dentures that are improperly fitted mean they cannot settle and adjust in the mouth, giving an off-balanced appearance with the added danger of them slipping and breaking off. 

The ability to make dentures look natural is now dependent on aesthetics, such as how they look, fit and feel. 

Below breaks down these three aspects and how they deliver natural-looking dentures.

The Fit

Dentures will need to adjust when they’re fitted. You may experience some sensitivity and an impact to general mouth functioning temporarily as the dentures adjust themselves. This is perfectly normal, and the dentist will provide some tips on how you can start to become comfortable with the dentures in your mouth. If the dentures don’t fit properly and are loose, then you’re likely to look at them as false teeth.


You must care for your dentures daily. Doing so will ensure dentures look as good as new, plus it improves your smiling confidence. Carry out strong oral hygiene for your dentures every day so they remain bacteria-free. Consult your dentist on the best oral hygiene steps to keep dentures natural and new.

Colour and Shade

The colour and shade of your dentures can naturally impact how natural your dentures look. The dentist will oversee the moulding and fit of the dentures accordingly so that they closely resemble your natural teeth.

Are you seeking a natural, cost-effective solution to replace your missing teeth? Consult your dentures dentist on how natural-looking dentures could be the missing link you’ve been looking for. We offer dentures with payment plans to support your financial and get your treatment started soon.

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