Museum of Tropical Queensland

The Museum of Tropical Queensland is a great place to learn about the history and natural history of the town of Townsville. It is located inside Barra Fun Park. The Museum features maritime artifacts and marine archaeology exhibits. The museum also has two huge pools that are accessible by wheelchair. If you want to experience aquatic life up close, the Museum of Tropical Queensland is a must-visit attraction. The museum is located at 70-102 Flinders St, Townsville QLD 4810.

The three-story Museum of Tropical Queensland is packed with kid-friendly exhibits and interactive exhibits. A life-sized replica of the HMS Pandora, which sank off the coast of Cape York in 1791, can be seen in one of the galleries. The exhibit also outlines the life of the ship’s crew and prisoners. The museum also features a unique shipwreck and an interactive rainforest.

The Museum of Tropical Queensland is part of the Queensland Museum Network. It tells the history of the tropics, from prehistoric times to modern times. Visitors will enjoy the diverse collection of exhibits focusing on human science and natural history. The Museum is open daily from 10 am to 2 pm. The price of admission is $7. It is recommended to check the museum’s schedule before visiting. While there are free admission days, it’s worth planning your visit accordingly. Learn more

The town of Townsville is a great base for exploring the tropical north of Queensland. Visiting the Reef HQ Aquarium and the Pink Granite Monolith are just two of the city’s attractions. If you’re into wildlife, you can also visit the UNESCO-protected Great Barrier Reef from Townsville. This site boasts some of the largest coral reefs in the world and some of the richest marine life.

The SS Yongala wreck is another must-visit. It lies 30 m below the surface of the sea. It’s home to vibrant fish and soft coral tree habitat. You can even get certified to do scuba diving in the wreck. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful underwater world. You can learn a lot about tropical fish, flora and fauna, and get to see the SS Yongala, the first shipwreck in Australia.

For wildlife lovers, the Billabong Sanctuary is a must-visit destination in Townsville. It houses a large variety of Australian birds, mammals, and reptiles. The sanctuaries also feature interpretive shows throughout the day, and you can feed the crocs there. The Billabong Sanctuary is one of the most popular attractions in Townsville. Across from the Billabong Sanctuary, you can also visit the Strand Jetty to view the Magnetic Island from the waterfront. The Palmetum is another popular attraction in the Townsville region. Located near the Ross River, it features more than 300 varieties of palms, including almost all of the country’s 60 different species. This attraction is also ideal for bird watching and features a rainforest walk. The lily-topped pond makes it a great place to have high tea while you’re here. The Museum of Tropical Queensland is located adjacent to the Reef Headquarters Aquarium. Browse next article