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Finding a dentist in Queensland who can provide you with professional services while accommodating your needs can be daunting. With My Family Dental, you no longer have to worry.

We provide Queensland residents with dental treatment services that promise high-quality results, helping our clients maintain a healthy, happy smile.

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Why Choosing the Right Dental Clinic Is Crucial

While there are plenty of dentistry clinics here in Queensland, finding the right one for you is often a challenge.

The health and condition of your teeth play a crucial role in your general well-being, and it is why hiring the right professional whenever you need dental services is essential. Here are some of the reasons why choosing the right dental clinic is necessary:

It Gives You Access to the Right Treatment for Your Dental Issue

Your dental issue can be more complicated than you might think, and the wrong treatment can result in the need for more complex, intrusive, and costly corrective treatment options.

At My Family Dental, we promise to give you the correct, professional services for any dental issue you might be experiencing. Our staff will analyse your treatment options and suggest the most appropriate and effective solution.

It Allows You to Achieve Your Desired Results

Achieving your goals all begins with the treatment your dentist recommends. With access to the right, high-quality services, you are more likely to achieve that perfect smile you desire.

Our extensive expertise and experience ensure that we meet all your goals and perform all our procedures at the highest level.

It Limits the Chances of Developing Complications

Choosing My Family Dental gives you access to experienced dentists who all work diligently to limit the chances of complications during treatment.

Choosing the Right Clinic Enables You to Take Better Care of Yourself

Choosing the right dental clinic allows you to benefit not only from high-quality service but expert advice and consultations. Our professional service will equip you with all the tools you need to have quality dental hygiene.

The Dental Services We Provide

My Family Dental offers you comprehensive dental care in convenient locations, focusing on all aspects of your oral hygiene. Some of the dental services we provide include:

Teeth Whitening





Diagnostic X-rays

Children's Dentistry

More Services

Our caring and highly qualified professionals handle these services and more, ensuring they provide you with all your dental health needs.

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Get the Dental Care You Need Today

Your dental health and comfort are our top priorities. We understand that trips to the dentist can be unpleasant for some people. We focus on each of our patients’ needs, accommodating them as best as we can while providing them with quality treatment.

At My Family Dental, we utilize industry-proven practices and advanced technology to give our patients the care they need, ensuring we achieve the best possible results.

If you are looking for a dentist in Queensland, consider your search complete. Reach out to My Family Dental today.

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Bohle Plains

My Family Dental Bohle Plains
2/1 Kalynda Parade,
Bohle Plains QLD 4817

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My Family Dental Bowen
24 Williams Street,
Bowen QLD 4805

Ph: (07) 4786 1092

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My Family Dental Emerald
3/89 Clermont Street,
Emerald QLD 4720

Ph: (07) 4982 2025

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My Family Dental Ingham
5/55 Herbert Street,
Ingham QLD 4850

Ph: (07) 4776 6055

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My Family Dental Innisfail
39 Rankin Street,
Innisfail QLD 4860

Ph: (07) 4061 8110



My Family Dental Kirwan
2/81 Thuringowa Drive,
Kirwan QLD 4817

Ph: (07) 4723 2090

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