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Welcome to My Family Dental Ingham – Your local team of dental professionals!

Our dental team at My Family Dental Ingham have been providing quality dental care to our patients since 2013 and are passionate about giving back to the community they know and love!

Our dentists provide quality treatments and education to achieve optimum dental health using the latest technology and treatment planning individual to each patient’s needs.

Our dental team at My Family Dental offer a broad scope of General, Children’s Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry treatments, and are passionate about supporting each patient with their individual needs, offering a variety of payment options, to help achieve optimal oral health, quality of life, and a beautiful, confident smile!

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My Family Dental: Ingham Dentist

my family dental inghamMention a trip to the dentist and most people can think of 101 other things they would rather do instead! But thanks to technological advancement, greater knowledge and understanding and a more modern approach to oral hygiene, visiting our Ingham dentist is no longer the gruesome outing we once envisioned.

Regular dental check-ups at the dentist help to catch small problems before they develop into something more sinister, so if you live in Ingham, a local dentist is just what you need. My Family Dental has been here for 10 years already, supporting the local community and ensuring everyone has access to the dental treatment they need. We are not a quick-fix clinic; we focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, so we can be there to help you every step of the way with your dental needs. There is no need to travel to Townsville city to find somebody who can perform specific dental procedures, Ingham dentistry offers everything from general check-ups and cleaning right through to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. We offer a professional service that gives top-quality results at a price you can afford. We have different payment plans available and accept all health funds.

My Family Dental: Ingham Orthodontic

If you’re in Ingham, accessing our top-notch orthodontic care is easier than you might think. Our Ingham orthodontics specialises in the expert practice of aligning teeth, utilizing braces, retainers, and bands to correct misalignments. Beyond cosmetic benefits, orthodontic treatment addresses functional issues such as improved oral hygiene, preventing bad breath, cavities, and gum disease, while also addressing bite problems like overbites or underbites that can affect chewing and eating.

Having crooked teeth can make people feel embarrassed about smiling and they often laugh behind their hand or keep a tight lip when smiling. Regardless of all the other problems crooked teeth may cause, having your teeth straightened not only helps with your oral health but restores your smile too! Visit our Ingham dental clinic to discover more about how our QLD’s dental clinic can help.

Regularly Visit Your Ingham Dental Clinic for a Happy, Healthy Smile

At My Family Dental, we believe in restoring confidence to people’s smiles and optimising oral health and hygiene. We have clinics in other locations too, which all operate under the same values and vision, where you will always find a calm and welcoming environment no matter which clinic you attend. We use advanced technologies that give our clients quality results for life.

If you are looking for a dentist in Ingham, then give My Family Dental a call today and find out what we can do for you. We offer many different services and adapt treatments for each person’s individual needs at very affordable prices.

Our Team

Dr Pankaj

Dr Pankaj graduated from Pacific Dental College in 2008 and providing patient care and safety is his primary focus. He has been practicing since 2009 and has a wide range of clinical experience with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Pankaj loves to mentor others and has previously taught at a Dental school. In his spare time he likes to cycle, play badminton and loves a good coffee!

Dr Pankaj joined our Ingham team in February 2022.

Dr Anu

Dr Anu graduated from Saveetha Dental College in 1998, she has extensive qualifications in Quick Straight Teeth, Invisalign, Wisdom teeth extractions.

Dr Anu loves spending time in nature and experiencing different cultures. She has travelled and spends time reading and cycling.

Our Dental Services on Ingham

My Family Dental Ingham offers you comprehensive dental care in convenient locations, focusing on all aspects of your oral hygiene. Some of the dental services we provide include:

Our caring and highly qualified professionals handle these services and more, ensuring they provide you with all your dental health needs.

Contact us to find out more information.

We accept all health funds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable dental professionals like ours provide crowns and fillings to hundreds of customers who come in to see our dentist. Ingham dental services at My Family Dental strive to provide access to oral health for everyone, but we also want to ensure our patients enjoy value for money. If a filling will suffice, we will never recommend a crown, and our dental care professionals will always provide reliable advice.

For example, we might use a crown to patch or restabilise a severely fractured, decayed, or damaged tooth (and fillings). It is an excellent solution for treating minor cases of tooth decay, as well as small chips and dents. Below, we provide a general guide on when to expect a crown:

  • If the dentist recommends a dental crown, it is likely that there is severe damage from cavities, gum disease, or previous injuries. The patient generally needs something to stabilise, cover, and strengthen the tooth.
  • Crowns require impressions and manufacturing. Where possible, we might use tooth fillings instead to repair small holes or indentations from untreated dental plaque (it is cheaper and less invasive).
  • If cavity damage reaches a tipping point, our dentist will not be able to remove decayed enamel, dentin, or pulp without compromising the integrity of the teeth—crowns become a necessity to preserve oral health.

Thankfully, My Family Dental provides high-quality and cost-efficient crowns and fillings whenever you need them.

We accommodate payments from all legally recognised health funds in Australia, such as:

  • Bupa
  • Medibank
  • NIB
  • AHM
  • HCF
  • CBHS Health Fund
  • Uni Health
  • And more

Our customer service team will be happy to figure out a payment scheme to suit your needs.

Teeth start shedding enamel with time and use, exposing nerve-covered surfaces of dentin and increasing sensitivity. Around 20% of Australians over 14 years purchase toothpaste for sensitive teeth every six months, so it is a common problem. Our oral health professionals recommend the following short-term fixes if you would like to wait to seek treatment:

  • Drinking cold beverages using sustainable straws
  • Licking through frozen desserts instead of biting them
  • Breathing through your nose in cold weather
  • Using soft-bristled toothbrushes

Our dentists typically notice discolouration, gum swelling, and abscesses in patients with hypersensitivity to hot and cold food, and there are many solutions. For example, we may recommend a course of antibiotics or, in severe cases, a root canal for long-term relief. The earlier you seek treatment with us, the better.

Orthodontists from My Family Dental advocate for keeping natural teeth as long as possible, so we may recommend solutions like braces before suggesting permanent veneers. Some patience could save you hours of drilling and tooth extractions, with short-term braces lasting up to four months. Taking this route could provide the teeth with a pre-prosthetic alignment before veneer installation.

Our office is proud to serve multiple locations in Queensland. My Family Dental currently serves Bohle Plains, Bowen, Emerald, Townsville, Innisfail, and Kirwan. 

Choosing a reliable dentist can be challenging. Our dental clinic makes choosing easy by providing more accessible locations, giving you easier access to quality dental care. From child dental treatments to root canals and wisdom teeth removal, our team at My Family Dental can accurately diagnose your dental issue and provide the right treatment options.

Our Ingham patients often experience non-specific dental discomfort, but some dental emergencies should not wait, including:

  • oral bleeding,
  • infection,
  • blunt trauma, and
  • sudden intense pain.

Contact My Family Dental hotline for a reliable dentist; Ingham locals appreciate our expertise that will save your smile without breaking the bank.

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