Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is usually carried out to rescue a tooth that has undergone extensive damage due to injury, disease, or decay, and the results are better than replacing the tooth with an artificial one.

What Is a Root Canal?

Each tooth is divided into two segments: the crown and the root. Right below the gum lies the root of the tooth, surrounded with pulp for supplying nourishment and keeping the tooth healthy. However, this section can become infected, leading to decay at the root and requiring the infected area to be removed to prevent extensive damage.

The procedure of eliminating the infected pulp and root, cleaning the inner parts, and sealing the tooth is called a root canal. It’s done to prevent more harm to the decayed or infected tooth, extending its lifespan and helping you avoid permanent tooth loss.

What Are the Signs That I Need a Root Canal?

One of the primary causes of root canal issues is deep decay that may lead to infection of the entire tooth. Such cases require immediate attention, and you may need some antibiotics to manage the condition.

A sustained injury or blow may also render a tooth vulnerable, and this is usually evident in pain and swelling around the affected area. Regardless of what caused the injury, it’s always helpful to visit a dentist to ascertain the level of damage and the necessary treatment.

Some patients may show minimal or no symptoms. However, several signs may suggest the need for root canal treatment, including:

  • Sensitivity to cold or hot beverages and foods
  • Discoloured or darkened tooth
  • Toothache when chewing, biting, or applying any other form of pressure
  • Recurring pimples or abscess on the gums
  • Swellings on the gums

If you encounter any of these signs, schedule a visit with My Family Dental for a check-up and diagnosis.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Most people tend to associate root canal therapy with intense pain, but this is a misleading interpretation. Because the treatment is usually done on patients with inflamed or irritated nerves, it might lead many to expect severe pain. In reality, most of the pain you feel is from the condition itself and not the treatment.

It might surprise you to know that a root canal doesn’t cause as much pain as other dental procedures. In fact, the purpose of root canals is to relieve the pain and prevent additional, permanent tooth destruction.

How Will I Benefit from the Treatment?

Many clinical incentives may prompt the need for this specialized treatment, but there are even more reasons why it’s wise to save your natural tooth. Thanks to endodontic therapy, you’ll maintain your natural smile and continue enjoying your favourite meals.

Here are more benefits of root canal treatment:

It Is a Pain-Free Procedure

The entire treatment process is virtually painless. You’ll recover with relatively less discomfort than if you went for a tooth extraction. The highly effective anesthesia and modern treatment approaches are some of the reasons why the procedure is virtually pain-free.

It’s Efficient and Cost-Effective

The entire process of tooth extraction may take more time than root canal treatment. With tooth extractions, you must schedule additional appointments for a bridge, implant, or denture, leading to additional costs. Fortunately, most dental insurances cover endodontic treatment.

Allows You to Restore Your Natural Chewing Abilities

Root canal treatment helps restore your natural chewing capabilities. Compared to artificial tooth replacements, your treated tooth will maintain its strength.

You Get to Retain Your Original Tooth

Root canals allow you to correct your tooth problem without having to extract it. It’s a permanent solution that will save you money you would have otherwise spent on recurring dental visits.

It Mitigates Infection

The dental procedure eliminates the contamination and stops it from spreading to neighbouring teeth.

It Offers Appealing Results

The treatment involves nerve or pulp treatment, ending with a dental filling or crown. These function like the natural tooth and have a great visual appeal.

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