Children’s Dentistry

Reach out to the team at My Family Dental and get your child the best children’s dental services available.

We believe the best oral health habits start early. As soon as children grow their first tooth, it’s essential to schedule their first dentist appointment to evaluate the development of their teeth. It gives our dental technicians an excellent opportunity to talk about teeth hygiene and how diet impacts children’s oral hygiene.

Visiting the dentist with your kid doesn’t have to be a stressful affair. The experienced staff at My Family Dental are knowledgeable, caring, and focused on delivering a pleasant experience for you and your child every time you visit the office.

Why Schedule an Appointment with Our Dentists for Kids?

Whether you have a young child or a teenager, it’s essential to choose a pediatric dentist you and your children like and trust. Here are the primary reasons why you should choose our pediatric dentist over other general dentists:

You End Up With Happier and Calmer Children

Dentist appointments can be stressful for children, especially if they don’t know what to expect from the visits. Our specialised children’s dentistry experts understand their concerns and always strive to offer more comfortable, effective, and safer treatments.

We Have Specialised Training

Our dentists for kids have undergone specialised training in handling young teeth and jaws, skills that some general dentists might lack. Their experience makes them more suitable to offer safer, comfortable, and effective treatments for young patients.

It Gives You and Your Child Increased Awareness on Oral Hygiene

Visiting a children’s dentist will make you more aware of everyday habits that could lead to dental problems later on. Our pediatric dentists can help you and your child adopt creative solutions that will improve their oral health.

Gives You an Understanding of Growth Changes

From birth until adulthood, children’s bodies go through various changes, such as the entire jaw changing shape and moving as they grow. A pediatric dentist will present the right care throughout their childhood and teenage years.

Is My Child Too Young for a Dentist Appointment?

At My Family Dental, we recommend making your kid’s first dental appointment right after their first birthday or immediately after their first baby teeth appear.

When they visit the dentist regularly, children feel more comfortable with the environment and process. It will help eliminate their fear of the dental seat, making treatment appointments more manageable. Regular dental appointments also help them understand oral health and the importance of seeking treatment, setting them up for a lifetime of excellent health.

How Do I Deal with My Child's Anxiety During Dental Visits?

Try not to project your anxious feelings to your child during dental appointments. Youngsters are sensitive to their surroundings and can easily pick up apprehension from their parents or guardians. When you visit the dentist, ensure you maintain a positive attitude, and “act normal” to avoid sensitizing them.

It helps if the adults encourage “brave behavior.” The appointment should not be viewed as a special event, and the dentist visit shouldn’t be perceived as a punishment. Unless it’s an urgent situation, ensure your child is well-fed before the appointment to avoid hunger meltdowns.

Does Medicare Cover Children's Dentistry?

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) from the government supports eligible kids with access to a $1,000 benefit cap for dental care, covered in two calendar years. The eligibility criteria for this coverage is that the child must be between 2 to 17 years old. The parents must also be beneficiaries of Family Tax Benefit Part A or any other relevant payment from the Australian government.

To confirm whether your child meets the eligibility threshold, contact the Department of Human Services or reach out to us.

The sooner you begin your children’s dental checkups, the better their oral health will be throughout their lives. Children’s dental checkups keep you informed of their growth and development and prevent tooth decay and cavities.

My Family Dental offers a friendly, fun environment for the best dental experience for your child. You’ll also be advised on the best practices and products to use at home.

For more information and guidance, don’t hesitate to contact the dental professionals at My Family Dental. My Family Dental has dental clinics in EmeraldBowenInnisfailTownsvilleIngham, and Bohle Plains for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child’s first dental visit is to help your child feel comfortable with the dentist. The first dental visit is recommended by 12 months of age, or within 6 months of the first tooth coming in.

This includes polishing teeth and removing any plaque, tartar, and stains. The dentist may show you and your child proper home cleaning such as flossing, and advise you on the need for fluoride. Baby teeth fall out, so X-rays aren’t often done.

Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides. both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic. oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

Do You Need a Skilled Dentists for Kids?

Teaching children to care for their teeth is very important, and a good habit that’ll serve them well throughout their lives. Visiting the dentist can be a daunting task for young children, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you’re looking for dentists for kids, finding a caring team that can help your little one feel at ease during check-ups is vital. A good experience will encourage them to maintain their cleaning routine and reduce anxiety for you and your family when it’s time to attend the next appointment.

At My Family Dental, we deliver great service whilst ensuring your child is comfortable throughout. We focus on the overall experience as well as on delivering the most effective and safe treatments for healthy teeth and gums. Read More

Reliable Pediatric Dentist in Townsville

Child dentistry poses unique challenges, compared to the needs of adults. Working in a smaller space with teeth that are still growing means that the best pediatric dentist in Townville excels in addressing these challenges.

At My Family Dental, our team children’s dentistry in Townsville is dedicated to creating a supportive and fun environment for the kids. The unfamiliarity of the situation can be overwhelming, and our kid’s dentists are adept at ensuring a positive and stress-free experience for young patients.

Our skilled team empathises and cares for the dental experience of young children. We understand that creating good oral health habits today means avoiding problems in the future. Our goal is to encourage the next generation to take care of their teeth and visit their dentist regularly for check-ups.

By joining My Family Dental, you’re paving the way for your child to have greater trust and security at every dental visit.

Why Choose Our Children’s Dentist in Townsville

Kids’ teeth are constantly changing. As they grow, fall out, and grow again, they’re adjusting to the available jaw space. Teeth can easily become crooked if the spaces aren’t large enough, or the teeth can begin to overlap. On top of that, teaching children to properly brush by themselves can mean some areas are overlooked – especially at the back of the mouth.

With all these changes occurring, regular check-ups are needed to ensure teeth are growing correctly and no problems are forming. If there are issues – then they’ll be detected before they become bothersome or painful.

Additionally, children are still forming a trust for their dentist and may be worried, apprehensive, or even scared of what to expect. Our children’s dentist in Townsville can help alleviate these worries by creating a safe and comfortable environment for your children that encourages them to feel relaxed and confident throughout their visit.

At My Family Dental, you can expect your QLD’s highly-skilled dentist to help your children feel at ease with their caring manner and superior knowledge of children’s dentistry.

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