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My Family Dental Innisfail are your local team of dental professionals, treating patients from all over the Cairns and Hinterland regions!

Dr Kalkat and Dr Hamilton grew up around the Innisfail region and have a deep understanding of the dental challenges faced by our regional and rural patients.

Our team of local support staff are dedicated to providing a welcoming and positive experience to our patients of all ages and a range of dental health concerns.

Our dental team at My Family Dental offers a broad scope of General, Children’s, Emergency and Cosmetic Dentistry treatments, and are passionate about supporting each patient with their individual needs, offering a variety of payment options, to help achieve optimal oral health, quality of life, and a beautiful, confident smile!

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Find The Best Dental and Denture Clinic in Innisfail

My Family Dental Innisfail If you want to find a dentist in Innisfail that can meet all of you and your family’s dental requirements, then look no further than My Family Dental Innisfail clinic. With years of experience and plenty of local knowledge, you can expect to experience a calm and welcoming environment from our professional team that will immediately put any worries aside. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and are passionate about creating individual treatment plans for each and every patient, no matter how young or old they are.

We believe good oral hygiene habits should start from a young age; indeed, we recommend that children start to getting our Innisfail dental services as soon as they have their first tooth, that way we can monitor and correct any issues before they become a problem and build positive experiences from a young age while your children’s teeth are still growing and developing. On the other side of the coin, if you have gaps or missing teeth and are looking for a denture clinic in Innisfail, whether it’s dental implants you are after or partial or complete dentures that you are thinking about, we can advise you on the best treatment for your specific needs, and provide you with top-quality, long-lasting results.

My Family Dental Orthodontics: Top-Rated Invisalign in Innisfail

Not sure what orthodontic dentistry means? It is basically the practice of straightening misaligned teeth. This can mean straightening teeth that are crooked and hard to clean in-between or helping a person who has a problem with their bite which can cause jaw pain, headaches, speech impediments and serious oral infections if left untreated.

To some, the idea of having braces or wires in your mouth at any age can cause great anxiety, and indeed, apart from looking unsightly, metal braces and wires can rub on cheeks and gums causing discomfort and irritation. Here at My Family Dental, our Invisalign in Innisfail basically use clear plastic aligners that are not only discreet but also much more comfortable to wear than traditional braces.

We also offer more specialist cosmetic procedures and dentistry including veneers, anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers, which give fast results, are minimally invasive and very cost-effective. Now there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to have that stunning smile you always dreamed of!

Restore Your Happy Smiles with Our Dentist in Innisfail

Here at My Family Dental, we have specific visions and values that we follow in order to restore confidence to your smile. We believe that everyone should have access to optimal oral health, and we promote gentle preventative care and hygiene treatment. We also offer dentures with payment plan options available to suit your needs.

Thanks to advanced technologies we can offer top-quality dental treatments in QLD including dental implants and crowns, diagnostic x-rays and teeth whitening, and are the only clinic for quite some distance to offer wisdom tooth extraction.

Speak with one of our friendly team today and find out what our Innisfail dentist can do for you.

Our Innisfail Dentist Team

Dr Jennifer – Dentist (BDS, JCU)

Jennifer is a Cassowary Coast local, raised in El Arish and completed schooling in Innisfail. Jennifer completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Distinction at James Cook University Cairns in 2019. After completing her degree Jennifer then joined the My Family Dental team in January 2020. Jennifer enjoys all aspects of dentistry and welcomes patients of all ages, from a child’s first dental visit to the elderly.

Jennifer has a keen interest in preventative dentistry, and patient education. Enjoys restorative and cosmetic dentistry and strives to help patients feel confident with their smile.

Jennifer had undertaken training to advance her skills in facial aesthetic treatments using cosmetic injectables and fillers, and has been integral in introducing and providing these treatments and services to the local and surrounding Innisfail communities.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending it with her family and friends.

Dr Remi - Dentist (BDS, Cardiff University)

Remi was born and raised in London, England and is an Australian citizen. She recently made her move to Australia to join our Innisfail team. She completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours at Cardiff University, Wales. Remi enjoys oral surgery and gum disease treatment (periodontics) in particular.

Remi has a calm and friendly approach and has helped numerous nervous patients with receiving dental treatment.

To help keep her creativity alive, Remi enjoys painting, writing and travelling the world with friends in her spare time.

Our Dental Services on Innisfail

My Family Dental Innisfail offers you comprehensive dental care in convenient locations, focusing on all aspects of your oral hygiene. Some of the dental services we provide include:

Our caring and highly qualified professionals handle these services and more, ensuring they provide you with all your dental health needs.

Contact us to find out more information.

We accept all health funds

Our Innisfail Dentist Team & Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

You should wear aligners during the day and adjust according to your dentist’s instructions. Invisalign aligners should be worn around 22 hours a day, only taking them out to eat, drink, and brush your teeth.

You will wear an aligner for two weeks before switching to the next set. The sets in your treatment will gradually move your teeth closer together, so each aligner will feel different. Typically, Invisalign treatments are completed in 12 months; however, you may see results in as little as 28 weeks.

Invisalign is a non-invasive orthodontic system that is an alternative to braces. This orthodontic treatment is an effective teeth-straightening solution that treats issues including overlapping teeth, gaps, and crooked teeth. If you’re looking to align or straighten your teeth, Invisalign may be ideal.

Invisalign is a more comfortable option than traditional braces. While braces are associated with cutting gums or swelling, Invisalign is designed to be comfortable and less visible to others. Invisalign is a good option for mild to moderate orthodontic cases.

If you’d like to learn more about getting an Invisalign treatment, our dentist in Innisfail will be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions.

Our dental team at My Family Dental is passionate about serving Queensland residents with affordable quality dental care. We offer a variety of payment options for every budget to meet the needs of our patients. Please get in touch with our office to discuss payment options and see what’s right for you. 

If you’re looking for a professional Innisfail dentist that will accommodate your needs, schedule an appointment with us at My Family Dental to begin your journey to better oral health today.

Coming in for a check-up at the dentist is a crucial aspect of maintaining proper oral health. Even with regular brushing and flossing, it is recommended to have regular dental check-ups to ensure you have no underlying issues. Preventive dental visits will not only remove any built-up plaque but also check for abnormalities before they get worse.

For patients of all ages, you should visit your dentist for a check-up at least twice a year or every six months. While this frequency is the general rule of thumb, your dental visits will vary if you have any dental issues, including jaw pain, bleeding gums, or sudden sensitivity. 

Schedule a dental check-up today with our team of dentists at Innisfail My Family Dental.

Our office is proud to serve multiple locations in Queensland. My Family Dental currently serves Bohle Plains, Bowen, Emerald, Ingham, Townsville, and Kirwan. 

Choosing a reliable dentist can be challenging. Our dental clinic makes choosing easy by providing more accessible locations, giving you easier access to quality dental care. From child dental treatments to root canals and wisdom teeth removal, our team at My Family Dental can accurately diagnose your dental issue and provide the right treatment options.

Our professional Innisfail dentists prioritise the safety and health of our work environment. We take the sterilisation of our dental instruments seriously and take extra steps to ensure that our procedures are carried out with the highest level of safety and cleanliness.

Our dental instruments are sterilised using the MELAG Autoclave, the most effective method of sterilisation for dental tools. After the sterilisation process, the instruments are then wrapped in a protective package and stored in a clean area until ready for use.

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