Cosmetic Fillers and Dental Fillers

At My Family Dental, our dentists are trained in applying Cosmetic Fillers and dermal fillers. This may come as a surprise to some patients because they are accustomed to seeing these services at dermatology clinics and from cosmetic surgeons. However, dental professionals are also equipped and highly qualified to perform these procedures.

Why Go to the Dentist for Cosmetic Fillers and Dermal Fillers?

Dentists primarily focus on the oral health of patients, specifically their teeth and gums. However, the teeth and gums also affect the facial structure. Patients who have lost their teeth may find that their cheeks and chin have started sagging. As an attempt to address such concerns, dentists have also started implementing facial reconstruction in their treatment plans.

My Family Dental is proud to say that our dentists have received adequate training and continuing education in facial reconstruction. We include Cosmetic Fillers and dermal fillers in our smile makeover treatment plan as a solution to removing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin around the mouth area. These cosmetic solutions also improve the facial contour and enhance the oral structure.

Not only that, Cosmetic Fillers can also be used for patients who have TMJ disorders and bruxism (teeth grinding). Cosmetic Fillers can help reduce the pain and stiffness of the jaws and minimise the impact of teeth grinding on the jaw bone.

Benefits of Cosmetic Fillers and Dermal Fillers

Getting cosmetic injections can offer the following benefits:

  1. Fast results. You may see the results as fast as a few hours after application.
  2. Minimally invasive. There is no surgery involved in applying these cosmetic solutions.
  3. Cost-effective. These injectables are quite affordable and worth every penny.

When Should I Get Cosmetic Fillers and Dermal Fillers?

We only recommend dental fillers and Cosmetic Fillers for therapeutic purposes. These may include patients who:

  • Suffer from TMJ disorders
  • Have painful jaws due to TMJ or teeth grinding
  • Want to include the maxillofacial area in their smile makeover plan
  • Want to minimise wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth
  • Have sagging cheeks due to tooth loss
  • Want to reduce their “gummy” smiles

Are There Risks to Getting Cosmetic Fillers and Dermal Fillers?

These cosmetic injectables are safe and effective. That said, getting these shots does have some minor side effects, such as itching and redness in the injected areas. However, they should be gone in a few days and are perfectly manageable with over-the-counter medications.

Visit My Family Dental for More Information

If you are still unsure whether cosmetic fillers or dermal fillers are right for you, we encourage you to give us a call or pay us a visit at any of our six clinics in Queensland. We will be glad to enlighten you about these cosmetic solutions. My Family Dental has dental clinics in Emerald, Bowen, Innisfail, Townsville, Ingham, and Bohle Plains for your convenience.