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Our dental team at My Family Dental Bohle Plains are committed to providing a positive patient experience, with the latest technology and techniques to ensure a relaxing, enjoyable dental visit.

Our dentists provide quality treatments and education to achieve optimum dental health using treatment planning and payment options individual to each patient’s needs.

Using the latest in Digital Smile Design software and technology, our dental team are ensured to achieve the results (and smiles!) you want!

Our dental team at My Family Dental offers a broad scope of General, Children’s, and Cosmetic Dentistry treatments, and are passionate about supporting each patient with their individual needs, offering a variety of payment options, to help achieve optimal oral health, quality of life, and a beautiful, confident smile!

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Our Bohle Plains Dentist Team

Dr Mohammad Aziz

Born in Singapore, Dr. Azli or better known as Az, grew up in Malaysia up until he completed his high
school at Muzzaffar Syah boarding school. He then moved to Australia to continue his studies and
graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from James Cook University. Az has lived in
Townsville for over 3 years, where he enjoys the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle and tropical climate that
reminds him of home. Az commenced working at My Family Dental in 2020.

In line with My Family Dental’s values, Dr. Azli prides in being committed to building a strong
rapport and long lasting relationship with his patients. As a dentist, Az invests time and effort in
listening to his patient’s needs and educating them of their overall oral condition. He combines this
with a drive to consistently provide quality work as he believes his success lies in the longevity of his
cases and the happiness and comfort he generates for his patients. His passion in dentistry involves
comprehensive full mouth care, conservative adhesive dentistry and smile makeovers.

Outside of dentistry, Az has just found a new hobby of fishing (he is still learning how to cast lures and
would love to hear tips from the more experienced). He loves to play soccer, badminton and pretty
much anything outdoors!

Our Dental Services on Bohle Plains

My Family Dental Bohle Plains offers you comprehensive dental care in convenient locations, focusing on all aspects of your oral hygiene. Some of the dental services we provide include:

Teeth Whitening





Diagnostic X-rays

Children's Dentistry

More Services

Our caring and highly qualified professionals handle these services and more, ensuring they provide you with all your dental health needs.

Contact us to find out more information.

We accept all health funds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Keeping tools for prophylaxis, tooth extraction, and dental appliance-making equipment clean remains a huge part of providing high-quality dental services at My Family Dental. As leaders in Bohle dentistry, our highly qualified team of clinicians and dental care professionals sterilise every instrument after use, including:

  • mouth mirrors,
  • suction devices, and
  • examination and treatment equipment

It all goes through disinfection to remove 100% of the germs and residue from previous activity.

According to recent studies, around 32,000 preventable dental diseases cause hospitalisations for thousands of Australians annually. One of these preventable conditions is the decay of tissue that leads to a root canal. If bacteria damages the nerves, pulp, and roots of the teeth, our oral health professional may recommend this endodontic procedure as a solution.

Common symptoms that may indicate a need for a root canal include:

  • persistent pain in the teeth, gums, or jaw,
  • hypersensitivity to hot and cold food,
  • gum swelling, or
  • a cracked or chipped tooth that is starting to attract infectious bacteria.

Halitosis cures are in high demand across the Bohle dentistry market, and our experienced professionals can help you explore myriad possible causes for your bad breath. Morning breath, the foul odour that emanates from the mouth after a long night’s sleep, is not the same as chronic halitosis, a preventable condition that has nothing to do with an affinity for raw onion or tuna sandwiches.

Halitosis is a problem that intensive brushing, mouthwash, and mints cannot solve without addressing the bacteria convening on the tongue, mouth surfaces, behind the nose, and in the throat. Smoking tobacco products and vapes also dry out the mouth and leave it susceptible to gum diseases. Still, addressing bad breath should be a priority as it is an excellent indicator of gum disease, cavities, and throat and sinus issues from a recent infection, and My Family Dental can help.

The team at My Family Dental offers composite and porcelain veneers that last up to thirty years with the right care. Composite veneers are cheaper and easier to repair and maintain, while porcelain models are pricier but more durable and provide a whiter smile. Veneers enable you to eat anything but last longer when you avoid biting fingernails, chewing ice, or opening bottles with your teeth.

Our office is proud to serve multiple locations in Queensland. My Family Dental currently serves Townsville, Bowen, Emerald, Ingham, Innisfail, and Kirwan. 

Choosing a reliable dentist can be challenging. Our dental clinic makes choosing easy by providing more accessible locations, giving you easier access to quality dental care. From child dental treatments to root canals and wisdom teeth removal, our team at My Family Dental can accurately diagnose your dental issue and provide the right treatment options.

Dental professionals like ours typically recommend dentures after tooth removals that leave a gap in your gum line. Without a placeholder, other teeth could move into the space and cause misalignment, growth issues, and the possibility of losing more teeth because of weak support.

My Family Dental offers partial, immediate, and conventional dentures to cover every need.

The My Family Dental service is convenient and makes payments easy. We accommodate all health funds and provide a wide array of instalment options with individualised treatment plans. Feel free to contact us for an appointment or more information about how to access the best in Bohle dentistry.

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