Natural Looking DenturesIf you are missing all of your teeth or a significant portion, dentures can fill the gaps. Dentures are different than mouthguards. Dentures are removable false teeth that you wear to replace the missing teeth. They are designed to match your natural teeth and are usually made from acrylic.

The base of the dentures is called a plate, and it is made of metal or acrylic resin. Depending on the number of teeth you need, dentures could wholly or partially fill your mouth. Advancements in technology have allowed dentists to craft dentures that are natural-looking and comfortable.

Dentures will help restore your smile and ensure you can eat and speak comfortably.

What Is the Treatment Procedure?

The first step to getting natural-looking dentures is for us to examine your mouth. This will allow us to evaluate your teeth and provide recommendations for the treatment best suited for your needs.

We will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and may need to do radiographs to determine if your teeth are healthy enough for partial dentures. Sometimes, teeth extraction may be necessary before proceeding with treatment.

We will take impressions of your bite to make custom dentures for your mouth. The dentist will use the impressions to create dentures matching your teeth’s natural size, colour, and shape. You may be required to schedule follow-up visits to make sure the dentures fit well in your mouth.

What Are the Benefits of Having Dentures?

dental denturesApart from helping restore your smile, dentures will also help improve your speech. You will find less stress on your jaw once you put the dentures in, providing you with much-needed relief. Dentures will help you chew without problems and also help prevent your facial muscles from sagging.

Having dentures can prevent your teeth from shifting. If you have a missing tooth, dentures can keep teeth from falling into the gap or becoming crooked. Dentures can help you avoid deteriorating oral hygiene and gum disease, which could result in exorbitant dental expenses.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Most dentists offer conventional, immediate, and partial dentures. With conventional dentures, teeth removal will be necessary a few weeks before the denture fabrication. In order for you to get the most precise fit, the tissues must completely heal from the extractions.

Immediate dentures are temporary solutions you will have in your mouth until we can fabricate the full dentures. These are temporary replacements, so you are never without teeth.

Partial dentures are perfect if you still have some teeth in your mouth that are in good condition. You will not need to have your teeth extracted because partial dentures depend on the remaining healthy teeth for stability and retentive strength. They are designed to fit perfectly to support the plate.

There are several designs you can select from, and your dentist will help you choose the right option for you.

Will It Hurt?

dentures for your teethDentures are designed to fit perfectly into your mouth, so putting them in should not cause you any serious pain. You may feel slight irritation after you initially put them in because it is an adjustment for your mouth. The sensitivity will fade as your mouth adjusts to the dentures.

It is even possible to experience some pain with your current dentures as your gum and bone structure changes over time. If you are in moderate or severe pain and it has been more than two weeks, contact your dentist for an evaluation. A simple adjustment to the dentures can solve most discomfort experiences with new dentures.

How Are Conventional and Immediate Dentures Different?

Conventional dentures are made after teeth extractions, but the dentist needs to wait until your gums are fully healed before proceeding with treatment, and this healing process can take several months.

Immediate dentures are made in advance so that they will fit into your mouth immediately after the teeth extractions. One benefit of immediate dentures is that they can help reduce bleeding and protect gum tissue as your mouth heals from the extractions.

Affordable Dentures with Payment Plans for Your Financial Comfort

Whether you need full, conventional dentures or just partial ones, we provide immediate dentures that are a temporary replacement while you are waiting for your new ones, so you are never without teeth.

At My Family Dental, we accept all health funds and even offer dentures with payment plans so you can start arranging to have your new teeth as soon as possible. We offer affordable treatments that will give you quality results for life, and we focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, so we are there to help you every step of the way. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.

Reach out to our dental team at My Family Dental so we can find the best solution for you and your smile today. My Family Dental has dental clinics in EmeraldBowenInnisfailTownsvilleIngham, and Bohle Plains for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between a partial and a full denture is the number of teeth that are replaced by the dental prosthetic. Partial dentures fit between the remaining teeth while full dentures replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth.

Partial denture sets are recommended when you have only lost a few of your teeth, while full denture sets are recommended when most of your natural teeth are gone. Dentures replace the appearance and function of lost teeth, restoring your ability to chew food

Different Types of Dentures and How to Care for Them Full dentures. Partial dentures. Temporary dentures. Fixed bridge.

My Family Dental: The Best Dentures in Townsville

My Family Dental provides high-quality Townsville dentures. We are a well-established and modern clinic, with branch surgeries throughout Queensland, and we offer an array of dental treatments and procedures using advanced technologies that provide top-quality results. Whether you need a general check up, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics or dental implants we can help to sort it all. We believe in gentle preventative care and oral hygiene treatment and offer teeth whitening and straightening, so you can show off a healthy and happy smile!

If you live in Townsville and need dentures, then book an appointment with us today and we will arrange what needs to be done. Dentures are removable false teeth that replace missing ones, and thanks to the advancement in technology today, our best QLD’s dentists can craft dentures that are not only natural-looking but comfortable too. Dentures are designed to match your natural teeth and are usually made of acrylic. Read More

Benefits of Visiting Our Denture Clinic in Townsville

Having some or all of your teeth missing can have repercussions on your oral cavity as time passes. Your teeth can shift position, and if you have a missing tooth other teeth can become crooked or fall into the gap. This can cause problems later on with cleaning as your toothbrush can’t get in between the crooked teeth, where plaque and bacteria can build up. Dentures will help to keep teeth in their proper position, allowing you to clean between your teeth properly and help prevent gum disease from occurring.

Our denture clinic in Townsville can help improve your speech, restore your smile and help prevent your facial muscles from sagging. To determine the treatment and number of dentures you may require we will need to examine your mouth and conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. Sometimes it may be necessary to extract certain teeth before we can proceed with treatment. We will take an impression of your bite so we can customise dentures to fit your mouth, and to match your teeth’s natural shape, colour and size.

The plate, or base of your dentures, is made of metal or acrylic resin, and depending on how many teeth you have missing, dentures may partially, or wholly fill your mouth. Dentures will help you speak and eat more easily and help restore your smile. Read Less