From Stained to Shining: The Best Ways to Clean Your Dentures

Sometimes we lose some or all of our teeth because of an accident, decay, or a disease. Dentures can be the best way to replace teeth if we suffer from missing teeth, as they are removable dental appliances. Although they may not be natural teeth, keeping them unstained and bacteria-free is essential to look great. Just like natural teeth, it is crucial to take care of dentures by cleaning them daily and preventing plaque.

Scroll down to learn why it is essential to clean dentures, the main steps, and what should be avoided in the cleaning procedure.

Why Do We need to Clean Dentures?

Many people wonder why they should take care of dentures because one doesn’t need to worry about tooth decay with dentures, yet experts insist on the importance of oral hygiene. Although dentures are not susceptible to decay or disease, there are bacteria on the dentures, which can affect the gums. If we are not serious about cleaning the dentures, they can lead to gum disease, bad breath, and other dental problems.

On the other hand, if we can keep the dentures clean, we also keep them in good shape and prolong their life. When we clean the dentures regularly, they look and feel great. This way, we can continue showing off our new smile to the people around us.

Steps to Clean Your Dentures

Removing dentures at the end of the day will soon become your routine, but if you are new to dentures, you must be worried about how to take care of dentures without causing any damage. The following steps will be helpful for you to make sure that your gums keep healthy and the dentures remain in good shape.

  • Start by filling the sink with warm water and placing a towel on the flower in case the denture falls accidentally on the floor.
  • Gargle with warm water to loosen the denture, then remove it by beginning with the bottom, holding the middle part, and relaxing it with back and forth motion. After that, you can gently pull it up and take it out.
  • Rinse the denture to get rid of the food particles, and brush it with the help of the denture paste. It will be a good idea to avoid any highly abrasive toothpaste.
  • Next, you need to remove the adhesive residues present in your mouth. If there are stubborn sticky bits, you can brush the gums to eliminate them.
  • You can apply the cleaning solution to soak the dentures overnight. Rinse the denture thoroughly before using it again in the morning.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Dentures

When it is about understanding the proper way of caring for dentures, people with the best intentions can run into a problem. You must avoid the following things if you want the dentures to last longer.

  • Your dentures can be seriously damaged if you use abrasive cleaning materials.
  • Many people opt for regular whitening toothpaste when cleaning dentures, but it can be full of abrasive substances. The best way is to go for toothpaste specially designed to clean dentures.
  • Bleaching products are also responsible for changing the colour and weakening the structure of the dentures. Therefore, it is better not to soak the dentures in such solutions.

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