How Much is Root Canal in Australia?

Root canal therapy has become popular because if anyone has a badly damaged or severely decayed tooth, the root canal treatment helps avoid extraction. Many would like to know the root canal cost, but several factors determine it.

This article will help you know everything you want about root canal treatment, its benefits, cost, and how to save money.

Root Canal Treatment and its Benefits

Our tooth’s pulp has essential tissue fibres, vessels, and nerves that keep it alive. So, it must be removed to preserve the tooth when it becomes damaged. Root canal therapy is among the standard dental procedures for replacing the damaged pulp with a root filling. There are different stages in the process, including removing infection and decay, filling and then sealing the canals.

Although many people find the treatment daunting, it offers incredible benefits for oral health.

  • It helps to prevent infection of the surrounding teeth
  • It avoids degeneration of your jawbone
  • It contains the loss of your tooth

What is the Root Canal Cost in Australia?

Several factors determine the root canal cost in Australia, but the average price of the entire root canal therapy starts from $900. Some of the significant factors that can affect the cost of root canal treatment are the location of your infected tooth and the complexity of the process.

If the location of your diseased tooth is in the front of the mouth, it will be less expensive, as there is only a single root in the front teeth. The cost gets higher if the infected tooth is a molar. Other than that, if the roots come with a straight layout, the process is easy, but if it has been there for a long time, it can be more difficult.

Does Insurance Cover the Root Canal Treatment?

In the case of a private health insurance policy, you need to check whether dental extras are included in it or not. Some policies cover checkups, but they don’t have dental procedures. The comprehensive policies usually include primary dental services, including root canals.

If the existing policy doesn’t cover root canals, you may have the option to upgrade it to a higher level. So, it is always a better idea to understand what your insurance covers, whereas you can always call the insurance provider in case of any doubts.

How Can You Save Money with Root Canal?

If you don’t get root canal treatment, then there are chances that your dentist will remove the tooth with a deep infection. Although tooth extraction is less expensive than a root canal treatment, you have to replace the tooth with an artificial one. If there is a gap after the tooth loss, it may affect your appearance and oral health.

When the cost of tooth extraction and replacement of a bridge or a dental implant is added up, you will find it less expensive than a root canal. The procedure is generally completed in more than one visit, but in the end, you will find it a much better option than getting your tooth extracted.

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